SME Development in Colombia


Global Advances Group participates in a SME development conference at the Hotel Dann Carlton for the “7th SME Service Fair” organized by the National Association of Financial Institutions (ANIF) in Colombia. New opportunities for SMEs in the country were explored via workshops and a trade show aimed at boosting SME competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

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Global Advances Group Participates in Foromic 2012 Conference in Barbados

Global Advances Group was fortunate to participate in Foromic 2012, the leading forum for supporting and financing microenterprises, SMEs, and small farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean. This year, it was held for the first time in its 14-year history in the Caribbean. Barbados hosted the Foromic 2012 which took place in Bridgetown from 1-3 October. The event is organized by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of Barbados.

In 2011, about 1,300 people from over 40 countries gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica to exchange ideas and knowledge on best practices and strategies to promote entrepreneurship and economic activity in the micro and small enterprise sector.

The Foromic is a three-day event, with opening and closing plenary sessions and multiple simultaneous panels adding up to a total of 15-20 technical panels. The main topics for 2012 are:

  • Entrepreneurship Alternatives for Disadvantaged Youth
  • Responsible Finance and Social Performance
  • Generating Income Opportunities for Vulnerable Populations Through Microfranchising
  • Innovative MSME Finance
  • Innovation in Green Finance: Solutions for Rural and Urban Markets
  • New Channels for Remittances
  • Savings for low-income population
  • New Business Models for Microinsurance

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Global Advances invited to 2012 UFSC International Conference

Global Advances is honored to have been invited to attend the 2012 UFSC International Conference in Toronto, Canada. UFSC is a community-based not-for-profit and the premier professional development and networking organization for diverse financial services professionals. The organization’s aim is to develop professional talent, inspire financial literacy for lasting community prosperity and encourage youth to consider financial services as a viable career path through opportunities to network and develop leadership skills.

This year’s international conference was held in Toronto and featured speakers such Reggie Love (President Barack Obama’s Special Assistant), Bill Strickland (President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation – an extraordinary jobs and arts training center for underserved communities), and keynote speaker Daymond John (Founder of FUBU fashion label and the television series “Shark Tank”).

Global Advances Website Updated!

Our website has been updated with exciting new features to better serve our partners and clients, including:

  • An improved overview of our services and online business systems
  • Enhanced communication channels via support, contact, and newsletter forms
  • A secure client portal for our clients to log in and view past support cases submitted and account status

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Global Advances at the 2010 Mongolia Investment Conference

The Global Advances Group attended the 1st Annual Mongolia Investment Conference on September 7th at the Chinggis Khaan Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Government officials, industry leaders and CEOs across Mongolia’s sectors including banking, finance, natural resources, and corporates were present to discuss exciting opportunities that are changing the Mongolian landscape.

Mongolia’s Prime Minister S. Batbold reminded investors that Mongolia is set to become the world’s fastest growing economy throughout the next decade. Predicted economic growth is estimated at 19% per annum until 2025 and will be largely fueled by the country’s undeveloped copper (Oyu Tolgoi) and coal (Tavan Talgoi) deposits, the world’s largest.

Numerous investment opportunities exist across an array of industries including mining, mineral processing, infrastructure, construction materials, energy, property, banking, and the consumer sector.

Despite these optimistic projections, the country also faces of number of challenges, as expressed by Mr. N. Zoljargal, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mongolia, namely there are:

  • Structural issues (infrastructure, logistics)
  • Institutional issues (lack of regulatory frameworks
  • Socio-economic issues (poverty, education, employment)
  • Lack of economic diversification

Over the course of the next year, the Global Advances team will be closely following Mongolia’s developments via its local partners.

Mongolia Investment Conference 2010 Global Advances

Mongolia Investment Conference 2010

Internet Connectivity on the Rise in Caribbean Nations

New initiatives across the Caribbean will increase broadband internet access to facilitate the social and economic development of the region.


Last November, the Caribbean Internet Forum (CIF) in conjunction with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) addressed broadband connectivity for small island states in the Caribbean. Participants investigated the best practices and strategies in internet connectivity such as community wireless access, capacity building, and the technological challenges and opportunities for the private sector. One interesting idea was to implement community technology centers designed to enhance equal access to computers/internet and the technological skills of community residents. Forum speakers also discussed government policies for promoting broadband, how broadband enhances e-governance, and the future of broadband access in the region.

A particularly noteworthy topic during the forum was to increase support for innovations in mobile internet. As the number of mobile cellular subscribers is exceptionally high throughout the Caribbean, the forum placed a strong emphasis on the opportunities offered by mobile technologies and the promotion of an enabling environment for innovative mobile applications.


caribbean-connectivity2Countries in the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) will see a number of initiatives that aim to increase connectivity throughout the region. Recently, Triton Telecom started building a new multi-million dollar Caribbean fibre network that will span out of Florida to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. The 10G undersea fiber network will make use of ECI Telecom‘s 9000 Carrier Ethernet Switch Router (CESR) family and XDM Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) and support up to 40G per channel.

Last year, Alvarion Ltd., a leading provider of WiMAX and wireless broadband technologies announced the signing of a master supply agreement with Digicel Group, the largest mobile operator in the Caribbean. The companies will deploy a WiMAX network throughout the Caribbean region in a major initiative to increase wireless internet access over the next few years.

In other developments, a joint effort between Cuba and Venezuela is underway to develop a 1,550 kilometer optic fiber communication cable that will link the two nations. The Cuban deputy minister announced that the project will improve international communications and provide high-speed Internet access to Cuban citizens by 2010.

The State of the Caribbean Internet

According to Internet World Stats, the 26 countries and territories of the Caribbean that form the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) has a population estimate of 40,371,917, of which there are 6,956,500 Internet users and an overall 17.3% internet penetration rate (December 2008 estimate). The nations of Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, and Saint Lucia have the highest penetration rates of 85.9%, 63.8%, and 63.6%, respectively. Haiti, although still only having reached an 11.2% penetration rate, had the fastest growth rate between the years 2000-2008 at 16,566.7%.

Global Advances Featured in China Development Brief

China Development BriefChina Development Brief’s Issue No. 41 (Chinese Edition) featured Global Advances in a report entitled “Applied IT and Social Innovations” (信息技术应用和社会公益创新). The G.A. team was referenced in a section discussing the complementary role that social welfare organizations and information technology companies can play in the delivery of software / internet solutions that help address social causes and improve collaboration amongst various public and private agencies.

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Latin American Caribbean Microcredit Summit is coming to Colombia

microcreditsummitJoin Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus and Microfinance Leaders from the Region at the Latin American – Caribbean Regional Microcredit Summit June 8-10, 2009 in Cartagena, Colombia! Sponsors Microcredit Summit Campaign and Banca de las Oportunidades are pleased to announce that registration for the summit is now open.

An expected 1,000 delegates from some 35 countries will be in attendance addressing a long-term strategy to use microfinance as a powerful means to end global poverty. At the Summit, delegates will have the choice of participating in a wide variety of plenary sessions, workshops, day-long courses, and various council meetings featuring microfinance experts from Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Mobile World Congress Addresses Social Topics

mobile-world-congressThe 2009 GSMA Mobile World Congress “combines the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry with a stimulating and insightful congress that brings together prominent leaders and personalities from mobile operators and equipment vendors, as well as Internet and entertainment professionals.” The Congress is expected to attract approximately 50,000 attendees from around the world for this 4-day event in Barcelona, Spain.

The Congress will also unveil the hottest trends in mobile communications and help define the industry’s path to continued growth. According to the conference agenda, there are three sessions that will address the social and developmental aspect of mobile technology, notably:

From E-Government to M-Government – the Public Sector Opportunity

The positive impact of mobile can be seen across all aspects of our modern society. This is never more evident than within the public sector. Government is an established and recognised practice and has revolutionalised the way that local and central government organisations work. This session will bring together academics, analysts, government professionals together with representatives of the mobile value chain to:

  • Demonstrate how mobile technology is improving public sector activities
  • Highlight the business opportunities and challenges for the mobile industry
  • Showcase the latest developments, ideas and applications with the field of Government

Developing to Developed – Innovation in Mobile Healthcare

The positive impact of mobile healthcare has attracted the attention of government and economic forums from across the globe. Mobilising key services and services and applications has led to cost reduction and increased efficiency within the healthcare sector. In the developing markets mobility has increased access to healthcare services and increased life expectancy and quality. During this session high-level speakers from global mobile operators, vendors, international foundations and economic forums will join together to discuss the latest developments, growth areas and technological advancements within the sector. The session will start with the exclusive announcement of a global m-health initiative.

Green – Driving a Sustainable Industry

The mobile industry is leading the way in the creation and use of green power initiatives. In the current economic climate this is about more than altruism and can realise significant cost savings. This session will feature high-level operator & vendor speakers who are leading in the green space. Panel debates and presentations will provide valuable learnings and case study examples of the ways in which companies from across our industry are reducing their impact on the environment whilst dramatically cutting costs.
For more information about the conference and registration, please follow this link.

The Next Web Conference April 15-17, 2009

2009thenextwebcomThe Next Web 2009 is the fourth edition of the conference that began in 2006 where 900+ Internet professionals will gather for 3 days to enjoy Amsterdam, the conference and to do business. The conference is focused on the vision for the future of the web where speakers share their views and expertise. Moreover, the 24 most promising and innovative startups will reveal their new concepts to the world. The Next Web Conference will take place on April 15, 16 and 17 in Amsterdam.