GA concludes two years of China-Latin America bilateral cooperation for infrastructure development

The Global Advances Group has ushered in a new era of bilateral cooperation between China’s private and state-owned enterprises and governments across Latin America seeking the development of large-scale infrastructure projects in the renewable energy, capital dredging, and road infrastructure fields.

In collaboration with the Governments of the Republic of Colombia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic alongside the One-Belt One Road Fund (OBOR) and Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs), Global Advances Group established a cooperation framework that favors infrastructure development, foreign direct investments, technical job creation, and skills development. 



GA Develops Branding Package for Premium Caribbean Hospitality Business

The Global Advances Group has successfully developed an integrated branding image including logos, website, menus, branding color palette for the premium Caribbean hospitality brand, Uncle Fat’s, located in St. Kitts & Nevis.

Uncle Fat’s is St. Kitts’ premium sports bar, featuring island-inspired cuisine, house-brewed craft beer, and cocktails made in house with fresh, local ingredients, presented in an upbeat and genuine atmosphere that radiates a warm, welcoming island vibe. For additional information, visit:

GA Establishes New Solar Manufacturing Partnership

The Global Advances Group has joined Fortis Green Energy Ltd. (FGE), a specialized solar PV manufacturer and solutions provider for landmark renewable energy projects in South Africa and across the globe to develop new markets for clean energy generation. The partnership will offer premium quality solar PV technology tailored specifically to their needs backed by a highly-experienced management team, technical experts and world-class quality control.

For additional information, visit:

GA Announces New Joint Venture in Colombia

The Global Advances Group has joined OE Technologies (China) and Green Fair Trade Business (Colombia) to form OE Green S.A.S., a new joint venture in Colombia with the mission to catalyze a the renewable energy sector in Latin America through the development of alternative energy sources, the reduction of CO2 emissions and increasing access to alternative energy in both urban and rural environments.

OE Green is a specialized manufacturer of renewable energy products and business developer for landmark alternative energy projects with a special focus on Colombia and the Latin American region.For additional information, visit:

GA Joins a Global Group of Leaders Working to Accelerate Plan B

b-team-richard-bransonPlan B is an evolving roadmap for business that prioritizes people, planet and profit. At The World Economic Forum in Davos the B Team announced the 10 Challenges below that businesses and world leaders all need to meet to accelerate the transition. The Challenges below get right to the heart of the issues that cause companies to remain rooted in Plan A – business as usual. They are the B Team’s initial framework for Plan B, which the organization continues to develop with help from like-minded leaders around the globe.

Together, the Global Advances Group and B Team members have committed to the following challenges:

      Lead for the long run
      Value diversity
      Reinvent market incentives
      Foster collaboration
      Drive full transparency
      Create thriving communities
      Scale true accounting
      Restore nature
      Redefine reward systems
      Ensure dignity and fairness

Additional information:

Global Advances @ Davos World Economic Forum 2015

From January 20-24th, Global Advances Group management will be attending the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to hold high-level talks with relevant stakeholders in what the Forum has themed “The New Global Context”: Complexity, fragility and uncertainty are all challenging progress at global, regional and national levels,
potentially ending an era of economic integration and international partnership that began in 1989. What
is clear is that we are confronted by profound political, economic, social and, above all, technological
transformations. They are altering long-standing assumptions about our prospects, resulting in an entirely
“new global context” for future decision-making. This new context requires a greater awareness of the near
and long-term implications of the following trends and developments:

  • The systemic impact of deepening geopolitical fault-lines, decreasing multilateral cooperation and
    increasing strategic competition.
  • The expected normalization of monetary policy through the reduction of quantitative easing and a future
    rise in interest rates.
  • The continuing erosion of trust in public and private sector institutions, and the deteriorating dialogue
    between government and business globally.
  • The breadth and velocity of scientific and technological advances that are considered inspiring and
    empowering as well as disruptive and ominous.
  • The inability to significantly improve the management and governance of critical global commons, most
    notably natural resources and cyberspace.
  • The ecological, societal and business repercussions of unabated climate change, youth unemployment
    and income inequality.
  • The generational shift from societies sharing common values to those that are primarily interest-driven,
    and the related rise of sectarianism, populism, nationalism and statism.

In response, and more than ever before, leaders are looking to strengthen their situation awareness
and contextual intelligence. In this regard, the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting provides an
unparalleled platform for leaders to develop the necessary insights, ideas and partnerships to respond
to this new context. It achieves this by convening global leaders from across business, government,
international organizations, academia and civil society in Davos for strategic dialogues which map the key
transformations reshaping the world in 2015. The Annual Meeting remains the foremost venue to shape and
develop global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of the year.

International Forum on Ethnic Rights and Social Development in Post-Conflict Societies – Colombia

ethnic-rightsThe Global Advances Group was invited to be part of strategic panel of advisers at the International Forum on Ethnic Rights and Social Development in Post-Conflict Societies: The Role of the National Police, Private Companies and International Institutions, in Bogota, Colombia.

The Forum was designed by ECODESARROLLO from its strategic alliance with the International Training Centre for Human Rights and Peace (EIP-CIFEDHOP), whose headquarters are in Geneva (Switzerland) and has a presence in forty countries. The EIP has consultative status to the UN system and is known for its international work in training civil servants in post-conflict societies.

The Forum focuses on human rights and development opportunities, highlighting the crucial role played by the National Police in post-conflict situations. International experts from the United States, Canada and Switzerland, will discuss these issues along with members of the National Police and the private sector. The Forum will be held at the National Police Auditorium on Sept. 29, 2014 and will include government officials, international agencies, diplomats, researchers and media. The aim of the Forum is to find options to strengthen the role of the National Police, discuss concrete opportunities for the advancement of ethnic groups and present, with the support of international associations and organizations, a national strategy for ethnic development in the complex context of a post-conflict environment that will determine the future of the Republic of Colombia.

Invest Mongolia Conference 2014

frontier-invest-mongolia-2014Global Advances will participate in the “Invest Mongolia 2014” conference on September 2-3, 2014 organized by Frontier Securities. This conference is one the of the largest events in Mongolia, which serves as a platform of bringing in people from the Government, key industries’ players, financial institutions and global investors; where they get a chance to talk about several socio-political and economic development throughout the year. The following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of Mongolian Economy including updates on legal, accounting and other regulatory changes
  • The development of OT, TT and other major mining projects
  • Outlook for Mongolia’s Mineral Exports
  • Infrastructure Development in Mongolia
  • Mongolian Banking Industry and Bank Strategies
  • Non-mining sectors including Real Estate
  • Foreign Investment in Mongolia: Concerns & Opportunities

More information: Frontier Conference

Diplomatic Training Program: Global Advances speaks on Technology in St. Kitts & Nevis

Basseterre, St. Kitts (CUOPM) – A three-day seminar designed to give Foreign Service Officers and frontline senior civil servants a clear understanding of challenges of small developing states and defining their role in representing the priorities of small developing states will begin here on Wednesday.

It takes place at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort under the theme: “Pragmatic Diplomacy & Economic Resilience.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Patrice Nisbett will deliver the feature on the topic: “Building a more Modern St. Kitts and Nevis” during the opening ceremony, which is chaired by Her Excellency Ambassador Mrs. Astona Browne.

A ministry official noted that topics for the seminar have been carefully selected to reflect the areas that will assist with this process. The facilitators hail from reputable, international institutions that play a leading role in the advancement of multilateral diplomacy and development.

diplomatic-training-fabien-anthony“There has hardly been another time in recorded human history when small states such as St. Kitts Nevis could compete successfully in the same economic, diplomatic and technological space with larger, more populous countries. Unlike the periods of the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, today’s Technology Evolution is allowing small countries greater access to information and knowledge as well as to opportunities to marshal new resources in innovative ways to build better economic resilience and sustainable development,” the ministry said.

The workshop also seeks to sensitize participants and to challenge on how to use pragmatic diplomacy, awareness of modern technologies and corporate cultures coupled with learning new skills-set to enhance opportunities for St. Kitts and Nevis to succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive global marketplace.

It ensures greater practical usefulness of the workshop and attention will be paid to a broad mix of theoretical analyses, diplomatic nuances, business and business practices, critical discussions and familiarisation with soft and practical skills. This will be conducted across a number of interactive exercises, through which participants are able to hone their analytical skills and responses.

Facilitators include, Dr. David H. Dunn, Professor, Department of Political Sciences, University of Birmingham, who will present on Diplomacy and Statecraft; Brian. J. Hall
Albert H. Gordon, Professor of Business Unit Head, Negotiation, Organizations and Markets (Harvard Business School), Harvard University on Negotiation and Management; Mr. Fabien Anthony, Executive Director, Global Advances Group on Technology and Competitiveness; Professor Joseph Mifsud, Director of LAD (London Academy of Diplomacy), University of Stirling, Scotland on Building Economic Resilience in Small States.

Integral Development will be led by Ms. V. Sherry Tross, Executive Secretary of SEDI, Organization of American State (OAS); International Law Creation and Small States by Dr. Ben Chigara, Professor of Law & Deputy Head of School (Operations) Brunel Law School, Brunel University; Attracting Foreign Capital by Mr. Andrew Amos, Deputy Funds Manager, M&G Debt Opportunities Fund, M&G UK; One-Stop Business Facilitation by Patrick Liotard Vogt, Entrepreneur, Co-owner Kittitian Hill Resorts and Understanding HNWI & UHNWI by Armand Arton, Entrepreneur, President and CEO, Arton Capital

Discussion on Building a Corporate Infrastructure will be led by Mr. Uday Nayak, Entrepreneur, Chairman, Veling Ltd; Mediation and Conflict Resolution by Her Excellency Aloun Ndombet-Assamba, High Commissioner of Jamaica to the Court of St. James; Pragmatic Foreign Policy, Professor David H. Dunn, Department of Political Sciences, University of Birmingham and Size, Survival and Globalization by Dr. Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson, Professor of Economics, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, University of the Virgin Islands (USVI).

Source: ZIZ National Broadcasting Corporation

2014 Equatorial Guinea Economic Forum

equatorial-guinae-economic-forumIn light of the US-Africa Summit, Global Advances Group participated in the Equatorial Guinea Economic Forum which took place on the August 8, 2014 in Washington DC. Ministries signed various agreements with US firms in the energy industry and the Forum allowed participants to connect with government officials and business people from Equatorial Guinea in order to work collaboratively and ensure beneficial partnerships and business ventures for all parties involved. In addition, H.E. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo set out the targets of the country’s Horizon 2020 Development Plan.