A unique advisory and technical intelligence firm.

The Global Advances Group is a unique advisory and technical intelligence firm dedicated to helping leaders, businesses, governments, and mission-driven organizations build their strategic capabilities and amplify their impact throughout the world.

Our Company


To leverage the power of analysis, technical skills, and business acumen to elevate leaders and enterprise all over the world.


Profit for a purpose. Our vision is to be the forefront of organizations dedicated to the ideals of service, support, and accountability so as to provide more resources for human development and sustainable economic empowerment.

Business Philosophy

Global Advances Group acknowledges the fact that the world is faced with profound challenges of poverty, war, hunger, hatred, oppression, humanitarian and environmental issues. Common to all of these challenges are the myriad connections of history, politics, and culture that we must challenge ourselves to understand. We acknowledge that purpose and profit are not zero-sum – they are mutually reinforcing and require the determination to take necessary risks.

Our strategy consists of creating revenue streams to support projects that provide tangible economic and environmental outcomes that ultimately benefit the whole of humanity. As part of our civic commitment to global issues, Global Advances is also proud to function as benefit corporation.


How We Work

No cubicles, no offices, no office hours – the world is our playground. With the ease of communication provided by the internet, we serve our clients worldwide with the personalized attention they seek. Depending on the size and scope of a particular project, we also dispatch dedicated specialists and team members to work alongside our clients for the duration of the engagement.

Personalized attention

Global Advances Group is composed of an intentionally small team positioned globally who focus on the needs of mission-driven leaders and organizations. Maintaining an agile, organic organization that lacks a defined hierarchy has allowed us to eliminate bureaucracy and establish a people-centered service dedicated to delivering the best possible results. As such, each one of our clients is assigned a project manager as a single point of contact who will supervise, ensure quality, and help guide clients through our proven process:

  • Needs and goals assessment of the proposed project
  • Project feasibility, scalability, and available toolsets
  • Proposal submission and evaluation
  • Project execution and implementation
  • Project review, evaluation, and enhancements
  • Follow-up with results tracking and reports of impact
  • Continued organizational support


Partnership as a key to success

We embrace the partnership approach to conducting business and select clients who resonate with our core values:

  • We look for clients and businesses that are motivated to change or improve the way they operate.
  • We believe in education and the creation of new economic opportunities.
  • We love discussing ideas, developing them, improving them, and executing them.
  • Clear communication and understanding is crucial – we listen.
  • Diligence, trust, and integrity: we’re committed to bringing the very best to every project we undertake.


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