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The Global Advances Group (GA) is a unique advisory and technical intelligence firm dedicated to helping leaders, businesses, governments, and mission-driven organizations build their strategic capabilities and amplify their impact throughout the world.


With Global Advances Group’s strategic intelligence services, leaders can make data-driven decisions that allow their companies, agencies, and organizations to expend resources effectively, efficiently, and accountably. Services include business development, market research, intelligence, leadership support, communications, commerce & trade, and investment.

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From digital marketing to specialised applications, we manage and build software solutions that empower organizations to effectively integrate their data, decisions, and operations. Services include digital commerce & marketing, e-reputation management, web & app development, graphic design, data & analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and platform integration.

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Global Mobility

Discover and experience the world’s most exciting and fulfilling experiences, opportunities, and international markets. Services include travel, tours, experiences, alternative investments, international structuring and diversification.

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Blockchain & 
Digital Assets Division Launched

Global Advances Group has launched its Blockchain and Digital Assets Division (BDA) which aims to…

Global Advances Co-Sponsors & Organizes The US-Africa Trade & Investment Forum

To further the development of emerging opportunities on the African continent, the Global Advances…

Investment Commitment Made at the South African Presidential Investment Conference

Global Advances Group commits $10 million USD in investment over the next five years in key South…

GA joins Group of Experts at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

GA joins the UNCTAD’S E-Commerce and Digital Economy (ECDE) Programme and the Intergovernmental…

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