Invest Mongolia Conference 2014

frontier-invest-mongolia-2014Global Advances will participate in the “Invest Mongolia 2014” conference on September 2-3, 2014 organized by Frontier Securities. This conference is one the of the largest events in Mongolia, which serves as a platform of bringing in people from the Government, key industries’ players, financial institutions and global investors; where they get a chance to talk about several socio-political and economic development throughout the year. The following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of Mongolian Economy including updates on legal, accounting and other regulatory changes
  • The development of OT, TT and other major mining projects
  • Outlook for Mongolia’s Mineral Exports
  • Infrastructure Development in Mongolia
  • Mongolian Banking Industry and Bank Strategies
  • Non-mining sectors including Real Estate
  • Foreign Investment in Mongolia: Concerns & Opportunities

More information: Frontier Conference