The 2009 BusinessWeek Global Green Business Summit will take place Sunday, June 7th through Monday, June 8th in Tianjin, China.
This summit will address the topic of “Green economics” and it’s potential to drive the global economy, the role of governments and corporation to steer our societies into sustainable development, and to discuss the opportunities that exist in this field. It’s all about how environmental issues must be considered in business plans or you will find yourself behind the curve. In Europe, mandatory carbon reduction emissions efforts are already the norm. In the U.S., President Barack Obama has put environmental issues on the top of his agenda with clean energy infrastructure development plans. World leaders are hopeful that he will endorse legislation that will lead to the U.S. being part of a post-Kyoto agreement expected to be reached in Copenhagen this December. In China, the government is also focusing on sustainable development as a path to continued growth and economic restructuring. It is already home to one-fourth of the world’s Clean Development Mechanism projects.

Conference participants will include over 400 decision-makers from government, green organizations, and from Chinese and multinational companies operating in China that are actively demonstrating a transformational, provable, improvement to China’s environment. Government Officials, Policy Makers, CEO’s, CFO’s, Business Executives who are involved in green business, CSR / Communications Executives, External Affairs Directors, Sustainability Officers, Green Organizations, Business Strategists & Consultants, Marketing/PR/Branding Professionals, Academics & Educators, Energy Experts and Investors. The Right Honorable Tony Blair, Special Envoy, Quartet on the Middle-East and Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will also support BusinessWeek China’s Global Green Business Summit.

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