Solutions for Social Enterprises and Non-Profits

IT and Website Assistance, Giving Non-Profits and Social Organizations a Voice Through the Internet

icon-non-profit1Our aim is to utilize technology and the internet to strengthen the identities, effectiveness, and technical know-how of social ventures and non-profit organizations. This enables them to move from local, isolated operations to gaining a global voice through the web. We are especially targeting grassroot organizations that lack IT knowledge and are unable to fully utilize the web to communicate their social message and increase operational efficiency. Global Advances closes the technology gap by focusing on this socially crucial market, enabling NGOs to further advance their missions.

We help corporations, government, and other organizations meet their philanthropic needs. We have broad experience in working with for-profit and non-profit organizations, both domestically and internationally. One of our top priorities is to work with groups to find funding and support to build capacity and improve use of technology for social ventures. Our development team is dedicated to overcoming barriers to entrepreneurship in emerging economies through meaningful, collaborative relationships.

We provide expertise and capacity in the following areas:

Off-site Services

  • Low-cost software implementation leveraging open-source technologies
  • Cause-related marketing and websites
  • Online donation (E-Donations), project nomination, and fundraising platforms
  • Tools for project monitoring and reporting
  • Program design/strategy consulting
  • Project sourcing and management
  • Custom software and database development
  • Strategies for using the internet to collaborate and automate organization processes

On-site Services

  • Local area network setup, internet connectivity
  • Assessing and planning technology requirements
  • Purchasing and installation of software and hardware
  • Technology education
  • Individual and group training

Innovation and Knowledge Sharing

icon-non-profit2Pioneering innovation to encourage sustainable organizations
Our world is constantly changing and the dramatic rise in internet usage over the past twenty years has helped connect the world to create opportunities where very few have been available in the past. One of the most fascinating examples of this is how social ventures and non-profits are leveraging the internet to engage the global community in raising resources to support their mission. We are entering a phase where an individual can significantly improve his or her own economical, political, and social circumstances with just a computer and internet connection. Global Advances strongly believes in empowerment through knowledge, which is why we actively participate in social entrepreneurship and support social innovations that help organizations become more effective and self-reliant.

Managed Innovation via Internet Tools
From our experience in the NGO sector it has become obvious that NGOs often lack innovative approaches to management issues or innovative strategies to reach their organizational mission. We therefore provide assistance to encourage and enhance innovation through internet tools such as project management systems, knowledge management systems, intranets, online fundraising platforms, conference platforms, and forums for idea sharing.

Training and Knowledge Transfer


Encouraging the professional development of staff and teamsGlobal Advances provides high-quality, affordable IT solutions based on proven open-source technologies that have been customized and tailored to the specific needs of NGOs. To further increase NGO efficiency and effectiveness, we also provide certified IT training with carefully designed courses that contribute to the long-term sustainability of NGOs.

Our comprehensive IT training package covers four key areas:

1 Website Strategy and Development
NGOs often lack professional and mission-tailored website presences, therefore facing a barrier to attract and communicate with international donors and supporters. To close the gap we provide website design and development services, branding and communications strategies, e-commerce, online marketing and social networking strategies tailored to the needs of NGOs.
2 Human Capacity Development
NGO leaders and staff especially in grassroot organizations often lack the crucial IT knowledge and skills to fully utilize technology. We provide practical onsite technical training in such topics as web development, content management, local area network setup, and productivity software for NGO staff working in development and humanitarian aid.
3 NGO Innovation via Internet Tools
Please read more in our Non-Profit Innovation section.
4 General IT Consulting
Additionally, we will provide services that include assessing and planning technology requirements, software packages, online collaboration programs, email systems, computer network solutions, automation and virtualization through the web.
Thousands of non-profit organizations across the developing world lack the vital IT support needed to amplify their social impact and Global Advances builds the bridge to enable NGOs worldwide to develop the IT skills, knowledge and infrastructure to operate efficiently and communicate their mission effectively. Contact us today for more information.